10th of October is the day of eyes

October 10, 2014 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

eye_12_001Today, the 10th of October is the day of eyes in Japan. Because it´s 10 10 and when you flip these numbers clockwise, they look like a pair of eyebrows and eyes! 

This campaign started in 1931 for preventing blindness, organised by the Central Welfare Association for the Blind and it was called "Sight preservation Day (視力保存デー)". From 1938 to 1944, it was moved to the 18th of September but after, it was moved back to the 10th of October in 1947 and since then, it´s fixed as the day of eyes. 




When is the last time you have checked your eyesight? It´s been a long time for me. 

My eyesight is really bad since I was small. I believe this is because I kept reading Doraemon under my duvet with a torch after my parents left my room for me to sleep. Of course I was caught many times and I don´t know how many times I was banned on reading books in the night. But hey, now I´m paying for it.

This is Japan Ophthalmologists Association´s campaign poster. They recommend us to wink once in a while to check if both eyes see the things in the same way.





In terms of nutrition, Vitamin A is said to be good for your eyes. I´ve also heard the blueberries are good. 

If you are reading this now, you are one of the Internet generations. We tend to stare the screen all day long and without noticing we blink less, to one fourth of usual time, which is called dry eye. 

To prevent dry eye, there are some tricks such as to sit straight and look down slightly the screen instead of looking up, avoid getting the wind from the air conditioning directly to you or have a short break from the screen every one hour.


Small exercises are also recommended by doctors.

1. Close your eyes for one to two minutes.

2.  Keep your eyes closed and move your eyes, to the left (5 sec), to the right (5 sec), look down (5 sec) and look up (5 sec). 

3. Try to look far then slowly move your eyes to something close. You can even use your finger by moving far to close.  




By the way, the 1st of October was the day of glasses because it´s 10 01 and when you write this in Kanji, it´s "一〇〇一". Now it looks like a pair of glasses, doesn´t it? 

From the glasses to the eyes, October sounds like a month of eyes. Seeing is one of the five senses and we are depending on the sight very much in our daily life. So it´s nice to look after our eyes and thank them. 

When I was small, I thought having glasses was cool but now having a life totally depending on the contact lenses is just a burden. Maybe I should leave the screen for the rest of my day now. Have a good weekend everyone.



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