3.11 – 3 years after

March 11, 2014 Juju Kurihara 1 Comment

It´s been 3 years since the historical disaster hit Tohoku area. I remember that morning vividly. I woke up, did my yoga, grabbed a bowl of fruits and espresso and turned on my computer. The first thing opened was BBC news flashing all over the screen. I remember the anxiety for not being able to get through to my mother and went into all social networks I had to talk to my friends. I knew my family was fine but I wanted to make sure. 



Today in Japan, many people at many places took a moment of silence for the all victims of the disaster.

We all suffered in a way but some how for many people it´s fading. People tend to forget that there are still people not being able to go back to their normal life in Tohoku area. Physically and emotionally, people are suffering from the tsunami and devastated. 


"After 3 years" you may think. "It´s Japan", you may say. Perhaps we don´t have solutions but at least we don´t forget about them until a smile comes back to all of them. 


This page, "Help Tohoku. Search 3.11" shows how the net search changed on that day in Japan. The words come out larger were the more searched word. In the morning you see "為替 (Kawase / exchange rate)", "高速道路 (kousokudouro / motor way)" then at 14:00, it concentrated on one word "地震 (jishin / earthquake)". You probably see how desparated people were and how lost we felt. This is Yahoo´s project and is a good one. I´d like you to take a moment to share this page for not to forget 3.11 in 2011.


Give my prayers for Japan. 


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  1. Mark 8 years Reply

    If you’d like to help children and families in Japan continue to recover from the disaster, consider donating to the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund; 100% of your donation goes to directly helping children and families in the affected area. Donate here: http://bit.ly/tamfund A recent study shows that 30% of children in the area exhibit symptoms of PTSD and so the need is still great!

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