And 11th March comes again – A year after in Japan

March 2, 2012 Juju Kurihara 3 Comments

11th of March is coming again. Exactly a year after when M8.8 earthquake attacked the Pacific coast of Japan. Too many people lost the house and belongings. Too many families were apart without having any time to tell them good-bye, many still hope that their loved ones are alive somewhere and are waiting for them. 

During the year, so many people from everywhere in the world cared about us and helped us. During the year, many Japanese people stood up to help Touhoku (東北) and they continue helping the devastated area. Those people were the ones who actually picked up debris and got rid of the mud from the street while the Japanese government insisted they were in control and trying to save their own face.

As I mentioned last year, where my mum lives is also the area that was damaged by the quake. Along the Tokyo Bay many areas are man-made land including a part of Odaiba and when the quake happened the earth got liquefied. The houses around there tilted or entire building fell into the land like 30cm from the street. Neighbours and friends came to help her many times. I like to thank them.


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In Madrid, a small Japanese group has organized a memorial event for Japan on the 11th of March. The event is titled as "Lazo y Arigato" means "bond and thank you" in Spanish. Bond means Kizuna (絆) in Japanese and this was the word of the year 2011. Through the catastrophe, Japanese people have been bonded to each other. There were many quakes in my life but I hadn´t seen so many people moved to do something. I see people become closer than before, and I´m not talking about only between Japanese people but between many from different countries who have supported Japan. We are now all connected.

Laso y Arigato is an event organised by Japanese people from different part of Japan. They are happened to be in Madrid and got to know each other. This event connects them together and give them an opportunity to show an appreciation to Spain and to the world for all the support Japan received.


The organiser of this event is a Japanese girl who started 1000 origami crane project (1000 grullas) in Madrid. There will be a photo exhibition, flower arrangement, origami workshop, calligraphy demonstration, videos and some Japanese food.

If you are in Madrid, please stop by or if you aren´t, I´m sure there will be many events on this day in your area. You will be welcomed.



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    Ohayou Gozaimasu Juju:)
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