Aquarium in the Sky in Roppongi

August 1, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

tank a

At the moment “Sky Aquarium” is open in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. You can see the inside of the ocean at 250 m above sea level. It´s an aquarium in the sky as the name says.

wooperlooper a

Also this is a creative space appeared in one of the most fashionable spot in Tokyo, Roppongi. They don´t just show us fish, they have details on the display, the tone and the music. This unique space itself is the art. There was a water tank film named “Four seasons picture scroll in the water” which reminded me old Japanese folklores I used watch in TV or was a room lined arty photo panels taken by an underwater photographer, Arron Wong.

nautilus a Even the fish displayed in the sky aquarium were quite unusual ones. Nautilus, sea horses (perhaps these are more common), Axoloti known as Wooperlooper in Japan and lip monster (Wrasse). There are no explanations about the fish, too arty! Eek, this lip monster is so gross.

sea anemone

It was a good opportunity to see a bit of the ocean from glass-craft like pretty creatures to the ones that are so yucky but some how cannot help staring at.

It´s hard to share with the fish their view and the thoughts but just looking at them floating and moving the fins made me so relaxed. I wonder what they talking about us. Are they not embarrassed being watched like this?


tokyo towerI came out to the open air sky deck and there, there was a 360 panorama view of Tokyo in front of me. The light was twinkling as if we don´t have no electricity restriction anymore. It was an amazing night view that made me feel like I was in a jewelry box or I was flying over the sky, gave me some unusual sensation.


Roppongi Hills is one of the popular date spots and about 98% of the visitors were couple and we were two girls. You might think we are really good friends but actually not, oh, I mean we weren´t until then, haha.

As the time goes by, our circumstances have changed and our friendship parted physically. But some how since then we started to have more contact, began to see new sides of each other then our friendship have changed to tower and tank


What they think, what they like and in what they are interested in? More than those mysterious sea creatures, I want to know about my close friends. Comparing to myself before when always unstable, worried and no capacity of caring about other people, I am now is a huge step up. I enjoy so much discovering other people right now.


Skyaquarium 2011

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