Cat in the circle

October 27, 2014 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments


Are you a cat lover? I am. First day of my photography lesson, the teacher told me to find a subject that I liked and take as many photos as possible. He gave me a box of blak and white Fujifilm Neopan 400. I immediately picked up my camera and started running around Tokyo to snap street cats.   

t14091201Even now, whenever I see a cat on the street, I stop to give it a little pat if it´s possible. I know cats are not so popular especially for gardeners. But I admit that I love them. 

Recently I´ve found a website written by a Japanese cat lover. It´s all about cats so if you are not one of those who are crazy about them, I recommend to skip the peek. Guremike is a heaven for those who love cats just because they are cats. 


What cuaght my attention was the title, "Cat in the circle" – how to get a cat still. As you may know, cats are free being and not as easy to train as dogs because it depends on their mood. Cats are a little more anarchy than dogs, I think. It´s normal that your cat comes to sit on the book you are reading or lies down on your keyboard when you are trying to work. 

So how to make them still in one spot? Easy. I can say it because I saw the video. You only need a stripe of tape and your Cat in the circle. Believe me, that is all you need. You can check it in this video.    



Why don´t you try yourself? If you film it or take a photo, please send us the link to the video or the photos. We will publish them. 


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