Constitution Day in Japan, Article 9 Yea or Nay?

May 3, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

This week is the Golden Week in Japan. As the 29th of April was also a bank holiday, some lucky ones have 10 days of off from work. Yes, Japanese people do know the meaning of day off.

Today, the 3rd of May is the Constitution Day and many political parties had a special meeting to discuss about current Japanese constitution. The main focus was on the support and compensation for the damage from this catastrophe that Japan had just received nearly a month and a half ago.

By the way, they confirmed that my mother's house is "partly destroyed" as it's tilted about 2.5cm to the north. With the current law, her house is out of the compensation however depends on the change, she might get some sort of support from the government. She will be known in the next few days.

It's be nice if the law changes. Japan is a country of earthquakes and tsunami and everytime a big one comes, we lose many things. I can understand that if the government and insurance companies had to compensate it all, they would have a bankruptcy. Even that, I personally think they should have some sort of help for us. We live in this island and we have no where else to go like those foreigners escaped from Japan after the quake. 


Anyway, I'm not really political. I've never been to any demonstration or meeting agains or support any political ideas. But today, there are some movements in Japan like this. This is from TBS news clip.



There is something I concerned about the politics is about the Article 9, renunciation of war. When GQ came in to Japan after the WWII, the first thing they wanted Japan to do was giving up the military system. And for exchange US army came into Japan under the word of "protection".

However, there are still many politicians who inherited the spirits of Japanese militarism, in other word, right wings, hawks. They are trying to change this law to participate wars happening in the world.

change article 9

These are the people who want to change the Article 9. They believe that we have no protection because of this law.


right wingsAnother ones are obviously right wings.

This flag was a symbol of Empire of Japan and you see this flag on the car of a right wing parties and groups.

Once I went to a house of a friend of my friend and in his living room, this flag was put up. I remember I felt a little uncomfortable somehow. I knew he does martial arts but for me, it was a symbol of imperialism and militarism.




Today some media did a survey regarding to this Article 9. Yea or nay?

In Kamakura city, 109 people think that we should keep it, 15 think we should change and 8 people had no opinion.

Then according to a survey Asahi paper did in entire Japan, 59% think we shouldn't chenge and 30% think we should change.

Comparing to the last year's survey, 67% wanted to keep the law and 24% wanted to change.

Here, you can see that more people now think that Japan needs military? Why? Osama Bin Laden's dead, we don't need to go to Afghanistan nor Pakistan.

It's been a while, some people say that militarism seems to be reviving in Japan. Hmm, I really hope that doesn't happen. We had a enough of that, didn't we?

golden weekBut yet, at the moment majority of Japanese people try to enjoy Golden Week as much as possible. I mean if they can get anywhere….

Good luck.

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