Haha no Hi – Mothers´ Day in Japan

May 13, 2012 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

One of the things that confuses me is Mothers´ Day. Last week a Spanish friend was ringing his mother for Mothers´ Day. It was too late for me to ring my mother because of the time difference but I´d found out later that it wasn´t Mothers´ Day in Japan yet. Phew. When I was in the UK, they were celebrating it in March.


Anyway, the second Sunday of May is Haha no Hi (母の日 / Mothers´ Day) in Japan.carnation I´ve been just talking to my mum who was just about to take a bath and wanted to keep the conversation short, hahaha.


Japan started celebrating Haha no Hi in 1931 when the Women´s Association (大日本婦人会/ Dai Nihon Fujin-kai) promoted it. They set the day on the 6th of March according to the birthday of the Empress Koujun (香淳皇后) at that time. 

Then in 1937, one of the biggest snack manufacturing company, Morinaga (森永製菓) promoted the new mothers´ day called Morinaga Mothers´ Day Meeting. Since this year, Japan´s Mothers´ Day moved to the 8th of May.

After the WWII, in 1949, like many other things, Japan introduced American custom and until now we celebrate Mothers´ Day on the second Sunday of May. Usually we give carnations to them. In our house, only our local electrician remembered Haha no Hi and they were always the first one to deliver some carnations to my mum. She´d put them on the dining table and as soon as I saw it, I´d jumped on my bike to get a little prezzie.


Now, it´s not too late, you can ring your mum and say "thank you" to her. Happy Mothers´ Day!

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