Haha no Hi – Mother´s Day

May 11, 2014 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

It was Haha no Hi (母の日/ Mother´s Day) today in some of the places in the world and it was in Japan too. I was little confused and sent my mother a greeting card a day earlier. Just because my kind mobile phone told me "Mother´s Day all day" and I missed a small letters followed "tomorrow", I sent it yesterday. 

mum&me miniMy mother is an easy-going person who loves running and used to disappear all afternoon practicing for a long-distance marathon race. She also loves eating, especially carbohydrate stuff. Between she and my father, they would eat 1kg of spaghetti. Her favourite sandwich is spaghetti or Yakisoba. Yes, she stuffs noodles in a hotdog bread and eats it happily. She´s fun to be around. 

So she didn´t mind at all that she received a Mother´s Day card a day earlier. Although the system had told me that she opened the card, she rang me to tell me that she could open it. She´s not an IT expert and took her 10 years to install Skype but oh well, they are not a computer generation perhaps. I phoned her again today but we both forgot about Haha no Hi completely and talked about the postal system in Japan. She was happy to talk to me and that was the whole point. 




The custom of Mother´s Day came from the States. It was introduced to Japan towards the end of Meiji period (明治時代, 1868-1912) and was set on the second Sunday of May. It became more common in Taisho period (大正時代, 1912-1926) among Christian community. Then after, in 1937, a sweets company commercialized it and spread through whole Japan. 

During the wars, Japan moved Haha no Hi to the Showa Empress´ birthday, to the 6th of March. 


In Japan it´s common giving carnations to mums. I did too until my mother admitted she actually preferred my cooking than flower. She said looking at flower doesn´t fill her tummy. Very honest, I must say. 

Mothers are great. They work 24 hours a day, cleaning, cooking and taking care of the family. They are the one who are always there for you and ask you nothing. ママ、いつもありがとう。(Mama, itsumo arigatou) I like to send my appreciation to her. 



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