Happy 81st Birthday, Heisei Emperor!

December 23, 2014 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments


Today, the 23rd of December is 81st birthday of the Heisei Emperor

He became the 125th Emperor in 1989 after his father, the Emperor Hirohito (裕仁天皇) or then called Showa Emperor (昭和天皇) passed away.   


He is the second oldest Emperor in the history. The oldest was his father who died at age 87. He is old but still continues visiting devastating areas or attending official events. He also enjoys playing tennis. Who knows, the Emperor Akihito may live even longer than his father. 







28,933 people have visited today´s public appearances held at the Tokyo Palace. The royal family appeared three times this morning and people celebrated with Honomaru flags (日の丸).


Kunaicho (宮内庁/ The Imperial Household Agency) in November, considered the Emperor´s age and announced the Japanese media that they could make only one question in order not to make the Emperor tired. 






The Heisei Emperor made a comment that, "Keep trying to make Japan better is our duty and responsibility for the coming generations" 


The photo was taken in 1934 with his mother, the Empress Kojun. He was the 5th child of the Emperor and the first male baby. He looked cute. 


The Heisei Emperor was the first Emperor since Meiji era who married to a commoner, then Michoko Masada, now the Empress Michiko. He met her at the tennis court during the summer vacation. Despite of the objections both inside and outside of the Imperial House, he eventually won the permission and in 1959 they were married. Perhaps because of this romantic history, the Emperor and the Empress look very caring to each other and happy together. 



Here is the today´s FNN news regarding to the Heisei Emperor´s 81st birthday. Hope he had a nice day with the family and have a healthy and happy life.        



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