How to count one to ten with your hands in Japanese?

July 15, 2015 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

It was quite a long time ago, a Spanish friend told me that Japanese people do many things opposite to the western countries. One of them he mentioned was the way Japanese people count with the hands. 
Until he mentioned it, I´d never noticed the difference. But when he showed me how he would count, he was right. So I decided to make a small video.Then I become curious to know how other people count. I´ve asked some people from different countries as well as a Japanese person. 
Japanese way.  



As you can see, Japanese way starts with open hands. You can use only one hand or both hands. But either way, Japanese people count by closing the hands.
Other countries. 



Japan´s neighbour South Korea counts the same way but surprisingly Taiwan does the different way. Although France and Spain are neighbours, they don´t count the same. I found this project very interesting. 
I like to keep finding different way of counting. I´m especially interested in Africa and the Middle Eastern countries. If you think you count differently, please send me a video. I will add it to our site.  
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