It’s Always Been a Lie-Zutto Uso Datta

April 9, 2011 Juju Kurihara 1 Comment

Almost 70 years ago, Japan was really in a deep shit. In front of the Allied Forces, Japan was so powerless and small. Yet, Japanese military regime told its nation that they were winning, they were doing all right. People believed. Perhaps, not. Mothers cried when their teenage sons were taken by the military as Kamikaze. No one wanted the war to continue. People even ate mud and weeds on the street.

Too many people and lives had been sacrificed. Have learnt from that? It doesn't seem to be. In the political scene, Jimin-tou (Liberal Democratic Party) has been controlling Japan since the WWII and many of the politicians in this party are right wings and the remains of the military regime. And this is the party the majority of Japanese people have choosen to manage the country.

What have we learnt after 70 years? It seems to be nothing.

According to Takashi Hirose, a novelist who has written several books about nuclear power and the accidents related to nuclear, the benefit from the nuclear power plant is only for the politician who approved it, the muninciple of the town and the constractor. And of course the power companies. Maybe Hirose's argument is too extreme but doesn't mean we can trust all the information TEPCO announces.

All these years, no one has arisen the voice, no one has complained and now this is the result. We are all accomplices. 


saitouA Japanese singer-songwriter, Kazuyoshi Saitou played this song "Zutto Uso Datta" (ずっとウソだった/ It's been a lie) in the live broadcast in USTREAM. This is a cover of his own song and has become a controversial. His music label has rapidly eliminated some videos as Saitou didn't tell his label about his secret plan and played it suddenly like a guerrilla. However the video keeps coming back on.

Apparently, this is the first protest and direct critique towards the government done by Japanese artists.  Hope you can see this.























東電も、北電も、中電も、九電も もう夢ばかり見てないけど







There are 54 nuclear plants in this country

”It's safe” says school text book and TV ads

They deceive us and their excuse is always “beyond our supposition”

I miss that clear sky, the black rain tickles me

It's been a lie,

it's all come out now

Really, it was a lie

Nuclear power is safe

It's been a lie,

I want to eat spinach

It's been a lie,

they must've realised how serious the problem was

No one can stop the radiation flying around in the air

How many victims do they need to realise?

The government of this country…

Have you ever found good water outside of this city?

Tell me!

Oh, never mind…

There is no way out

It's been a shit,

TEPCO, HEPCO, CHUDEN, KYUDEN, they no longer dream and face to the reality,

it's been a shit,

Even now, they are gonna carry on

It's really been a shit,

I want to do something,

It's been a lie,

It's really been a shit


Please don't shut up, Japanese people. It's our country and it's us to make this place better and comfortable to live. We need to learn how to claim our rights.

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  1. Chernobyl was incredibly frightening and we all really should have learned from it. Fukushima could be our extinction event, one wonders who would be left to note our passing if that were so….

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