Japanese Beat Box Boys

September 16, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

Beat Box is just amazing. I first knew about them when I watched the film "Police Academy", yeas ages ago. There was a black guy never talks but does Beat Box, I was fascinated. It´s simply amazing that human body can make such sounds. I was just so happy that I can sing, embarrassingly…


The other night, I was watching a French guy who makes 8 sounds at the same time then found these guys. Daichi and Hikakin, Japanese boys and they do pretty good. Actually, they are one of the best ones I´ve ever listened. Most of them makes 3 or 4 sound and usually we hear 1 or 2 sounds at the same time. But Daichi and Hikakin, Wow, many different sounds are overlapping. Impressive, you may be know them but if not, you´ve got to listen to this. 



Daichi is good enough to do it by himself. Despite of his passive shy looks, he´s good. Daichi participated in the world Beat Box Championship in 2009. Unfortunately he didn´t win but it doesn´t matter, he can try again and I still think he´s really good. He´s got a page in Facebook as Daichi Beatbox : HERE



Hikakin also is good. He´s got many lessons in Youtube for those who want to learn Beat Box. His offifial blog is from HERE.


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