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June 10, 2013 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

Last week I had a small picnic. Since it was an international group of people, the theme was cook something typical from your country. I know I was expected to make sushi but I took an easier option, Tatsuta-age (竜田揚げ). It´s a Japanese style fried chicken. First, people didn´t think it was something Japanese but once they tried it, there were always repeters around. Everyone seemed to like it at the end. Thai girls shouted "Karrakke!!", that is how they call Kara-age (唐揚げ/fried chicken) in Thailand. Quite many people asked me the recipe. It´s really easy to make.


Ingredients : Chicken (any part you like), ginger, soy sauce, sake, cornflour (cornstarch), salt and pepper.


Preparation : Cut chicken in a bite size (If you bought wings or drumsticks, as they are). Grate ginger. Put the chicken pieces in a bowl or a plastic container, season with salt and pepper, sprinkle grated ginger. Then pour soy sauce and sake. 

The quantity is enough to marinate the chicken. The proportion is soy sauce 3 : sake 1 but you can change as you prefer. I personally prefer to be a little stronger the taste then you don´t have to eat without any extra sauce. 



Leave the chicken at least 2-3 hours.

Check sometimes and toss the chicken so the taste will be even.  





Cooking :


Heat the oil with a deeper pan. Place cornflour in a container.

Cover the chicken pieces with the cornflour.





And deep-fry them. 







It´s done! Super Easy, isn´t it?


Tatsuta-age is a good company with wine, beer or sake. The key is to make them in nibble size. You can´t stop eating them. Since it´s fried with cornflour instead of normal flour, they don´t become wet and wishy-washy after a while. It´s perfect for picnic or taking to a house party!

Try it! 


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