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One day I was flipping Facebook and a small article caught my eyes. The title was "量産型女子大生(Ryousangata joshi daisei)", means mass production female university students.The author of the article makes a comment as "creepy" or "cloned human".

This started in the Twitter, where many people upload their photos. It was pointed out that so many girls look all the same, same hairdo, hair colour, make-up and clothes. Even the poses they make for the photos are the same. Yes, what people describe as "clone". 



Have you noticed? Well I hadn´t until I saw this article.

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There are many of these photos and I started to think maybe they are shop assistants and they are uniform. But looking at those photos helps me to see the current fashion trend though. I could easily imagine what H&M sells right now. 




コーデ被り (koode kaburi) means when your coordinates overlap (kaburu) with your friend. They look just like twins. 

In Twitter, there are many photos of girls looking like twins or triplets but I can´t know if they are annoyed by that or not by their comments. Just type in "コーデ被り" in Twitter and you will see. 






My father was a strange one as I may have mentioned before and he never bought me anything if he found out I wanted it just because everyone had it. He would say, "Minna wa minna, omae wa omae (Everyone is just everyone but you are you)". So I grew up not having Hello Kitty lunchbox or listening to J-Pop. Instead of slim jeans that were the trend at one time, he bought me a pair of boot-cut and obviously they were dark denim but not the washed jeans as everyone had. 

Because of this childhood, I´m not a big follower of the fashion trend. I like cool clothes but not the mass production things. I even respect whom those constantly check the market and buy the latest fashion. 

I even refused to wear this dark blue two-button suit for my job-hunting when I was in the third year of university. I didn´t like and don´t like two-button jacket so I went with three or four-button one. Instead of boring dark blue, I had a light grey or a warm brown colour suit. Since I hated court shoes so I had a pair of loafers. Eh, no wonder no one gave me a job. They must have thought I wasn´t a much of team worker. 


Yet, I feel the word "creepy" is quite strong. Probably there are more girls upload their clothing photo to the social networks but what about guys? Do you not remember seeing Beckham´s soft Mohawk everywhere?


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Hipster Winter Cup 2013Boys are also Ryosangata but no one calls them clone. Also I see the same phenomenon in any other countries. Hipstars are now quite cool in Europe for example. Why they are cool but not creepy? 

I personally think the difference is the attitude. Ryousangata Joshidaisei are creepy because they all have this dolly, infantile sense of attitude. If they are many and all of them doing exactly the same pose, it may give you a feeling of rejection. I can understand.




They say that these girls don´t have originality. Perhaps but then why fashion magazines promote the seasonal trend all the time?  

Now I have a question. Would you be glad if you had a Koode Kaburi with your friend? Do you consider that you are "in"? Or do you think this Ryousangata Joshidaisei only happens to Japanese girls and is creepy?


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  1. SumSum 8 years Reply

    So interesting article !

    I’m french and I live in Hokkaido. But not in a big city so I don’t see any teenager japanese look same, or tried too much to look same. They all look different.
    But my son (5yo) want to look as much as possible as japanese kids. So he try to copy his friends.

  2. mcdvojka 8 years Reply

    I was in Japan this October and I have noticed it on first look. The fashion style of whole group of girls was always the same. They even usually had the same hair style and wore the same style hat.

    Japanese girls seems to me be too much influenced and limited by current fashion. For example hair styles. For X years there is main fashion to have half or full covered forehead by shorter hairs. So almost every Japanese girl has it this way. It is shame I think most of Japanese girls has pretty forehead and they should not be afraid to show it. At least there should be some variability in hair styles.

    So I do not understand this kind of mass behavior. In my country every girl tries to be original. And if they meet with friends and two of them has the similar or same clothing it is even considered as unfortunate.

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