Japanese Jazz Band, TRI4TH

August 8, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

TRI4TH is a Japanese jazz band formed by 4 musicians, Yuusuke Orita, Junnosuke Fujita, Tomotaka Sekiya and Takao Ito. In 2009 they released analogue single "TRI4TH plus EP" and in 2010 the first album "TRI4TH" was released. TRI4TH´s official website is HERE.




Yuusuke Orita is a Saitama born trumpeter, also work as a composer. He collaborates with many Japanese artists such as SMAP, JUJU, akiko and musicals. His blog is HERE.






Junnosuke Fujita is a Tottori born sax player. Although he started with classical music, since when he was interested in jazz, he´s been playing in various units. His blog is HERE.





Tomotaka Sekiya is a Osaka born bassist. Studied at LAMA and at the age 20, he recorded the first album "footprints" as a lead musician in LA. In 2009 joined TRI4TH. He is also a big fan of fishing. Sekiya´s blog is HERE.





Takao Ito is a Toyama born drummer. Sorry I couldn´t find much profile about him. His blog is HERE.







This video is from one of the sessions at Shibuya Plug.



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