Japanese love bread

July 12, 2013 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

I´ve heard quite many times people say "Japanese people don´t eat bread". Of course we do. This time I was in Japan and I was convinced that Japanese people don´t eat bread but love eating bread. Bakeries are everywhere and there are always many people buying and eating. 




In Japan you can buy bread anywhere from Konbini to craftsmen style bakeries.  

By the way, bread is called Pan (パン) in Japanese and is same as Spanish. But it seems like the origin of bread came from Portuguese merchandise in the 16th century. This means Pan came from pão and the sound changed to how it is now. 





Bread sold in Japan are very soft, even softer than baby´s bum. Recently there was a boom of dark bread like German bread. People also like French baguette but most of the bread are so so soft. 

Usually bread has different stuffing. Savoury, sweet, you can find anything. You can easily get lost since there are so many selections.



cheese danish


The other day, I was peckish. So I went into one of the bakery chains, Vie De France. I´ve realised many bakeries and cafes in Japan have French-like names. My French friend mentioned it too but we will back to this theme the other day.

I picked a fresh cream Danish and an ice café au lait. This Danish has a caramel coating on top, which is sweet and crunchy. Hmmm nice.


cream cheese danish


This is Danish. It´s more pie texture dough rather than bread. And inside it has fresh cream cheese. 

It´s light and perfecto for a munch. This costs 180 yen. I thought it was OK in pricewise.



donq pan 1

My mother gave me a mission to buy some bread for lunch so I went to another bakery called Donq

I was totally lost. All of them looked so good that I couldn´t choose. Also since it is so light, I couldn´t figure out how many bread would fill us (mind you, my mum eats a lot). 

After doing three or four round trips inside the shop, I bought these. I was worried that I bought too many then all disappeared into our tummy.

cheese curry pan


Among these, this one was my favourite. Cheese curry pan. Usually Curry Pan is deep fried but this one isn´t so greasy. 

I think it has a little bit of cheese but in general it´s much lighter than normal Curry Pan. 

Usually eating too much bread gives me gas (excuse me) but I was totally fine this day. 


Now do you believe me that Japanese people love bread?



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