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S.E.N.S                   Written by Natsuko Nakabayashi




SENSToday, I talk about my favorite music, S.E.N.S a little.

 S.E.N.S is an instrumental unit formed in 1988 by Japanese musicians, Akihiko Fukaura (深浦昭彦) and Yukari Katsumoto (勝本ゆかり).


Eight years ago, I happened to hear a song called “In the shiny season” since then, I´m fascinated with the sounds they make , which often heal my rough feelings. According to their official website, “since 1988, they´ve been making the same sort of sound as the wind and the waves”. This is exactly right. It´s not just easy to listen but also it makes me feel that the sound runs into the air and the body and spread out. The sound is like as if it´s falling down from the sky and for the first time I felt the depth of the sounds from S.E.N-S´ music.


Here I note the best way of listening to S.E.N.S

  1. Before you go to sleep listen to this with a headphone in the quiet and dark room. (You´ll fall asleep in 50s)
  2. On a sunny day while you are taking a walk in the wood. (The music starts melting into the scenery)
  3. When you feel lonely, listen to this with your eyes closed. (Makes you feel that you are expected to be there)

piano shaped music box


S.E.N.S used to play in the concert and often heard in the TV dramas or the films but recently they don´t seem to be working so actively. It´s a shame.

Occasionally I hear their songs somewhere unexpectedly and it makes me really happy. It´s not a kind of songs that you practice and sing in Karaoke with your friends. S.E.N.S´ songs are perfect company for you as if the sound just sits next to you.


So, I´m making an excuse, I always fall asleep in their concert, hahaha.

original key chain (album “The Key”)


This song, “輝く季節の中で (kagayaku kisetsu no nakade / in the shiny season)“ is the most recommendable song. Actually this was the very first song of them I heard and I love the most.



S.E.N.S´ official website is ► http://www.sens-company.com/

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