Japanese Yo-Yo master, BLACK

May 7, 2013 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

Yo-Yo is one of those toys that almost any kids once has in their toy box. It´s such a simple toy and if you don´t know, it´s such a primitive toy that you can get bored. At least I thought that until I saw a Yo-Yo tournament on TV.

I guess many kids got into Yo-Yo because of the TV drama, "Sukeban Deka (スケバン刑事)". The protagonists were high school girls and they are police, as far as I remember, who caught bad people. Their arm was not a gun but a Yo-Yo. I think it was a big hit since those three girls were very popular idles at that time. And more, because even I recognize them even though I didn´t watch any TV at home. 



This is BLACK. The boy who had never been interested in any sports met Yo-Yo and fell in love with it. It´s a little funny that to make his Yo-Yo performance better, he practiced dancing. Passion is good, isn´t it?

balck handsHe was once a Salaryman in Japan but had decided to follow his passion and quit the job. The same year, in 2007 he became the World Champion. In 2009, he passed the test and is registered as an official performer for Cirque du Soleil. 

It´s amazing to see it, so fast that I barely see the Yo-Yo. It just looks like beams.  




More performance of BLACK. 


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