Keio Gijuku University Pen Spinning Society

December 21, 2011 Juju Kurihara 1 Comment

In a class or in a meeting, you are little bored and the voice of the teacher or the manager seems to come from far away, then without thinking you start spinning the pen. Suddenly you realise the sound of the pen falling on the table surface is quite loud.

Who´s got a habit of spinning a pen? I do. I can´t do much tricks but I can do it with both hands.


Keiou Gijuku Daigaku (慶応義塾大学 / Keio University) is one of the 6 elite universities in Tokyo where I recklessly tried and failed at the age of 18… 

watanabeAnyway, a student of Keio university has formed a club that study about spinning a pen called "Pen Spinning Society (ペンまわし研究会 / pen mawashi kenkyuukai)"

He´s the founder of this club, Akira Watanabe (渡辺了朗), the 4th grade law student. Apparently there is a pen spinning world cup and Watanabe has participated it.

He was in the first grade high school student first he saw the competition on the net and since then he practiced 5 hours a day and now he´s reached the master level.


Pen spinning society has 15 members who get together once a week and practice together for two hours. And the most important rule of the club is "not to spin the pen during the class" in order not to annoy others. Good one.

pen for spinning


They use special pens which are added some weight on both side of the pen to have a balance. They use these pen just for spinning as the change of the ink affects to the centre of the gravity of the pen. The ideal length of the pen is 19 cm. Sounds very serious. It´s not just a habit anymore, is it?

There is the Pen Spinning Association Japan and they organize festivals and seminars.


Here, I put the video of them spinning the pen beautifully. Have a look.



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  1. adriana 7 years Reply

    hello Im very happy because i have been trying some trick and finally the pen stays in my hands for more than 10 seconds 🙂 I know is not much but at lest i can do one trick if i can call it trick, im currently in tokyo for vacations and i was wondering if you could tell me were to buy a pen spinning pen i mean one that is already fabricated for it like the ones names penz gear or something else i will be extremely grateful thank you

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