Konbini sweets for sweet tooth men

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There are products that boost Konbini stores' sales recently in Japan.

It's “Men's sweets”.

Until a little while ago, sweets were considered for kids and women, and it was a shameful thing that a man has a sweet tooth. Japanese samurai don't like sweets.

But this is changing.

According to a statistics, 70% of sweets buyers are men and most of them buy at Konbini store. The reason behind is simple, men want to buy sweets but still it's a little embarrassing for a man to sit in a pretty cafe and eat a cake surrounded by women or to be seen him choosing some cakes for himself in front of the show case of a patisserie.

This statistics shows the place where people buy sweets. The blue is men and the pink is women. Needless to say, there are more men buyer than women and the most common place for buying sweets is Konbini (the fourth from the top), then supermarkets (the third) and cake shops (the top) come third.  



man sweets series

cream puff

Otoko no Tiramisu Shuu(Man's tiramisu chou á la créme)

Konbini solves all these problems.

Last June “Men's Sweets” series released from one of the Kobini store, FamilyMart in Japan. The targets are sweet tooth men. For not to embarrass them, the packages are simple but at the same time they focus on the ingredients and the texture of the products. Most of the sweets are less sweet than normal products by using for example bitter chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Also the packaging is important. Men's Sweets series has manly, chic based on black simple packaging. FamilyMart is growing its sales especially with chilled sweets such as cream puffs and almond pudding.

Kobini store is the saviour of Japanese sweet tooth men. Some makes a comment “there are many men sweets lover but they are either embarrassed to go to a cake shop or too busy at work going to a shop during the day. So being able to buy good quality sweets at Konbini store is really a good news for sweet lovers”

almond pudding

Otoko no Annin Dofu (Man's almond pudding)

The photo is another one of the most popular man sweets “Ore no Ekurea (my éclair)“

“Men's Sweets“ as it shows are sweets particularly developed for men since there have been many men who are “secret sweets lovers“ in Japan.

Normally the sweets are made for women and the problem is its size. Those tiny pretty sweets are just not enough to satisfy sweet tooth men. But don't worry, “Men's Sweets” have launched.

First, its size. Compare to a stapler on the desk…

Huge… getting your teeth into this must feel like a dream…

It's big enough to fill even a man's stomach.

Of course what you can expect from this sized éclair is… calorie. It has 566 calories. Considering that an adult man need 2,000 calories a day, just one sweet can give you a huge intake.

ore no ekurea

ore no ekurea 3

ore no ekurea 2


danshi sweets club

For those who love sweets, there are some clubs such as “Danshi Sweets Club” (Men's Sweets Club) which is founded in one of the Japanese trend magazines called DIME. They talk about new sweets products, new trend in sweets, search for new cake shops or evaluate famous patisseries. They even have forums and puts recipe for Konbini sweets. This is a respectable club for sweet tooth men.

Here is one of their recipe by using a Risou no purin (Ideal Pudding). So easy that anyone can make it!

Ingredients are Risou no purin and a slice of bread.

risou no purin[Risou no Purin]


recipe 1

1. Score the surface of the sliced bread

recipe 2

2. Pour over the pudding

recipe 3

3. Sprinkle some dry fruits and put it in the toaster

recipe 4

4. It's done, so easy

recipe 5

5. Sprinkle some powder sugar to finish up

Japanese food is highly recommended in the Western world because of its healthiness but on the contrary, Japan is now following the Western style nutrition.

Then I wonder what gives Japanese men a craving for sweets. Because of the stress Japanese businessmen have from their workload and the pressure from their wives? Or simply this is a backlash against eating super healthy food?

In any cases, Japanese men are craving for “sweets time”. “Sweet approach” this may be a key for Western girls who want to have Japanese boyfriend.

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