Liquefaction in Tokyo after the quake

March 13, 2011 Juju Kurihara 1 Comment

Comparing to the damage in the northeast coast of Japan, there is nothing to complain in Tokyo. Yes, the quake was scale 5 and it is scary especially if you are not from Japan but from the countries where never have experienced earthquake. However, Japan is well prepared, thinking of people in Sendai who lost their houses and families, we can't moan having some plates broken. 

The area near Tokyo Bay, the land is man-made. If you remember the earthquake in Kobe in 1995, you might've seen the ground had liquefied. This is what is happening in this area, too.

liquefactionSoon after the quake, the muddy water started coming out from the ground and my mother ran out of the house to get away the mud from the exhaust of my father's car. She sacrificed the parking and other car and saved his treasure.

sank bike





Neighbour's parking. The bike and the bicycle are half stuck in the mud. It's all come out from the the mud





In the same afternoon, people started to get rid of the mud because once it dries, the mud turns back to concrete so it has to be quick. Unfortunately my mother has just had the parking done, but the people from the construction company came to help her for getting rid of the mud. Look how thik the mud is. Since the earthquake, all the neighbourhood is helping each other.

mount of mud



This is the result of a day. They don't know if the municipal will come and collect this but I think this is the minimum they can do for the local residents.





It's a little difficult to see on the photo but you can see the house is a bit tilted because of the wobbly ground.


tilted gate




And here you see the gate of a house is well tilted and a big crack on the street. The mud they scraped out has become a good support for the gate, it seems…

leaned trees


Same house. Their fence fell down and the hedge are also lean forwards. The house of my mother is tilted backwards and according to her, if she sits on the toilet which is located at the back part of the house, she feels falling backward towards the wall.



The area where Tokyo Disney Land is totally covered with mud. Here is the link to the video

I'm so relieved that my family and friends are safe despite of lots of work to do. My mother is tired of running around and queuing for the water, or not being able to wash herself. But the most important thing is she is safe under the roof.

They are advicing to the people outside of Tohoku region where have much less damage to cut the power as much as possible. In fact, Tokyo Electric Power has decided a power control until this summer regardless of the recovery of the power. I think that is the minimum we can do at the moment.

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  1. Susan Schafer 5 years Reply

    Hi There,

    I am Producer working on a PBS Documentary series and we will be filming an episode in Tokyo. I am very eager to speak with you about this experience you had as we will be doing a segment on liquefaction. Could you kindly let me know if there is a convenient time to connect?

    Thanks so much in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.



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