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January 18, 2012 Juju Kurihara 2 Comments

raamen museumJapanese people love raamen (ラーメン), they love it so much that there are some magazines and books about raamen. There is even a raamen museum in Yokohama (横浜).

According to the yellow page, there are at least 6,127 raamen shop inside Tokyo region. It´s a lot.

A colleague called Kato san, I used to work with loved raamen too and her hobby was checking out new raamen shops. One Sunday, I went with her to one of those for her "research". 


So, you can say that Raamen is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, not only for eating out but also for cooking at home. And today, I like to show how to make a packet noodle better as I´ve been asked by some people.


First, you buy a packet of raamen noodle. This is one brand called Demae Icchou (出前一丁) which is also very common one in Japan.

I used tonkotsu (豚骨/ pork stock soup) taste but you can use any taste you like. Just buy with the soup powder in it, otherwise it´s more complicate to make a good soup stock.

Remember, raamen is just a quick snack meal.



I usually cook stir-fried veggies as a topping, sometimes with some meat, mince meat, some seafood such as shrimps or squids, or sometimes just veggies.

What veggies? Basically anything you like.

This time I put, carrots, beansprout, Bok Choy (green thing) and mince meat.

Heat some sesame oil, fry sliced ginger then sliced carrots, mince and the rest. At the same time, heat water in a pot for the noodle. Quite a lot of water as you use this hot water for the soup.



When the water is boiled, put the noodle and cook as the packet says.

Meantime, you open the little sachets come with the noodle. Usually one is soup in powder and the other is liquid. Prepare a bowl and squeeze out the powder and the liquid into it. Once the water is boiled, pour the hot water into the bowl, then the noodle, like the photo.





Then you serve the stir-fry on the noodle. I like it with loads of veggies, so you don´t see the noodle in my raamen. 

You may have noticed that these two raamen are in different colour. Yes, one is tonkotsu and other is shouyu (醤油 / soy sauce base stock).





Now ready to be served.

Get a pair of chopsticks and a serviette in case you sprinkle the soup everywhere. Also it´s useful to wipe your sweat coming down from your forehead.



Well, actually this is it. It´s nothing so mysterious about as my friends think. Tasty and easy, I think that´s the beauty of cooking, don´t you agree?



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  1. Sibylle Ito 10 years Reply

    Hi Iromegane,

    yes, I agree with you that ramen are quite popular in Japan whether you it outside or at home, but I have to disagree that I don’t see it so common in Japan to add vegetables or other ingredients to instant ramen. The goal of instant ramen is to have a quick meal similar to fast food, or just as an example would you add at home some additional veggies to a McDonald burger?
    Just to add to your article about the available types of ramen: main tastes of the soup was created by Shio (salt) Tonkotsu (pork or other animal bones), Shōyu (soy sauce) or then Miso (fermenting rice, barley and/or soybeans).

    All the best,


    • juju.kurihara 10 years

      Hi, Sibylle,

      If you are talking about cup raamen,, you are right, people just eat it as it is. Although I´ve seen some people add an egg sometimes. But the one I showed in the article isn´t a cup noodle and people usually make their own raamen bowl. This guy shows us variety of raamen paquets with different toppings. These paquets don´t come with the ingredients, only with the soup essence. The difference between cup raamen and paquet raamen is like McDonald burger and the one from a house BBQ party. You may buy burger from the supermarket but then you add any stuffings you like.

      Anyway, raamen is so tasty and there are so many way of eating it. There is no rule that you have to follow. I´ve just present one way of doing it. By the way, I´m invited to a house party tomorrow and am expected to make raamen for 10 people!

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