Mt.Fuji, the World Heritage

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@chitosenagaoSince the Mt.Fuji was added to the World Heritage, the news in Japan don´t stop talking about Mt. Fuji and show a long line of climbers everyday. 

Anyway, it was a great news that the Mt.Fuji was recognized as a World Heritage. It´s Japan´s pride. I´ve never heard anyone saying, "I hate Fuji-san (富士山/ Mt.Fuji). It´s a beautiful mountain. 

When I was in the primary school, I took train to go to school. On the way, through the window and all those buildings, there was a spot where we could see the Mt.Fuji. It was the size of a 6-year-old kid´s hand. In a distance but it was the Mt.Fuji without doubt. Every morning we looked at it. Sometimes it was hard to watch through the train window in a packed wagon. 




The day the decision was made, Google also celebrated it. Actually this was why I found out about the World Heritage.




I climbed Mt.Fuji abour 15 years ago with my English teachers. We arrived at the fifth station at 10 o´clock in the night. From where the coach left us to the entrance of the climbing point wasn´t a walking distance. In the dark, no sign of people and suddenly we saw the light of a vehicle. Three English girls jumped out the street and stopped the car. It was a tiny tiny car. The poor driver was a little scared of these sudden hitchhikers but accepted to give them a ride. What he didn´t know was these three girls had another three companies, which were us. 

While he was trying to say, "this is not possible", six of us stuffed ourselves into this tiny car. Since I was the skinniest one, I was sitting on one of the teachers´ knee and other girl on a boys lap in front seat. The poor driver sighed and started the car until the starting point. 

I was somehow nervous. I´d never climbed such a high mountain although I was training for triathlon. I was sick, feeling nauseous. Then the English girls told me to lie on the ground. I didn´t believe it but they insisted and themself lied on the back in the parking space. It was true, my sickness weakened. 

o0550041312609283928I have to tell you that climbing Mt. Fuji is boring. The route we climb is a just gray rocky surface. There are no trees or plants that you can smell of. Not like Alps in the Switzerland.

Back then we could climb all night to see the sunrise at the top. This summer, since the Mt.Fuji became a World Heritage, this is not allowed. Everyone has to sleep at the mountain house at the eighth station. 

A friend of mine went a few weeks ago (the photo with two pink knees) and there were so packed that people couldn´t walk in their pace. I guess it tires people quickly. My friend couldn´t make the top and she stayed at the eighth station. But she saw this beautiful sunrise. 

When I did it, I was only watching my steps. Also it was in the middle of the night and I could only see the light of torches and headlamps of the climbers. I sometimes saw barefeet with open sandals. Remind you, we were more than 2,000m high. I bet they were Himalayan sherpas who came to have a little walk. 

I never forget the sunrise I saw from the top of Mt.Fuji with a slight headache because of the altitude sickness. The sun was under the cloud and the cloud turned into an orange ocean. How impressive! I really recommend this experience once in your life.


Now Mt.Fuji goods are everywhere in Japan. You can see how happy Japanese people are.


Mt.Fuji tissue case. 

When you pull the tissue it makes a shape of Mt.Fuji.

mt-fuji_19 Mt.Fuji socks for babies.

Mt.Fuji envelope.

It looks like the Mt.Fuji reflects to the lake.

mt-fuji_13 Mt.Fuji masking tape. 
mt-fuji_12 Mt.Fuji memo pad.

Mt.Fuji Sake cups. 

They look uncomfortable to drink…


Mt.Fuji beer glass.

Eh huh…


Mt.Fuji rice bowls, Fiji-Wan.

It doesn´t look like the Mt.Fuji when it´s not upside-down…

mt-fuji_5 Mt.Fuji hand towel. 

They make me laugh but I know they are serious about it. Mt.Fuji is one of the World Heritage is a big thing for Japan.


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