Ocean Day / Umi No Hi in Japan

July 22, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

floating tubeThe day 18th of July was the Ocean day / Umi no Hi (海の日) in Japan. This bank holiday was a relatively new holiday made in 1995. As far as I remember it was decided to ease other developing countries which blamed Japan for hot having enough holidays, and also in July there was no bank holiday, so they made up this “Umi no Hi”. More holidays for us.


It´s burning hot every day here.

“My brain will start melting”, I felt a danger and decided to go to the beach. This weekend was a long holiday in Japan.

The destination was Ooarai beach (大洗海岸) in Ibaraki prefecture and I was lucky to have a nice Japanese style room on the second floor of a friend´s house.

tatami room


Deep green field, clear blue sky without any cloud, the sunflowers standing up straight along side of the streets and the synonym of summer holiday, the loud noise of cicadas. It was a typical summer scene just like the illustration drawn in a school textbook. The nice breeze is coming in from the open window and the tatami mat I lay down was cool.


making a base

It takes only a half an hour to get to the coast.

Stuck the beach parasol into the sand and step on it to firm the base.

Now ran through the beach and jumped into the ocea….


It´s impossible. The wind was too chilly and the shadow the parasol made froze me.

This was my first day of the holiday. We left there early.



The second day was also cold but it was warm enough to dip in the water. Now my beach time started.

We were romping around with the high waves and kept laughing like little kids.

We had a chance of getting on a jet ski, just enjoyed my first Pacific Ocean experience whole day.



The waves kept rocking the water, coming and going, it was so enormous and infinite that made me think that there would be nothing more in the other side, there would be just ocean.

I was staring at the horizon and completely forgot about the time. It just caught me.


The memory of the massive earthquake and tsunami in March is still too fresh for us and by watching the ocean made me realised I was now right in the middle of the nature, where human being are helpless. If I were in the swimming pool, I wouldn´t feel this way.


The full moon and the night sky with millions of stars were perfect for wrapping up this brilliant summer day. The sky where there was no high buildings nor neon signs was the best canvas.



This view brought me back to my childhood when those scenes were just normal. I was remembering my home town as well as my childhood. Then like this, my "petit vacances" ended.


It´s super super hot in Tokyo today… what´s new.

I´m already missing that ocean of Ooarai.





While I was deep asleep after the holiday, Nadeshiko Japan was giving the world a big shock.

Congratulation, champions!

It seems like their desire had become a huge aura and left some important message to entire Japan.

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