One Kyuushuu – Kyuushuu Shinkansen

April 23, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

Shinkansen runs through Kyuushuu finally!

People were very excited, so was JR. BUT… a day before the opening, a big chaos happened in Japan, up north.

The earthquake.

JR Kyuushuu no longer could celebrate this officially, however they started running.

And this is the advs. Very colourful and cheerful. I don't think they made this to cheer up Touhoku, it was just pure excitement and I think that's why I like it.

tafel anatomieKyuushuu is the last island of four main islands of Japan. It's the place where christianity first arrived, therefore, the first foreigner arrived. Nagasaki was the only place the merchants from Spain, Portugal and Holland could enter. It was the melted pot in Japan at that time. Tafel Anatomie (Ontleedkundige Tafelen in Duch) was brought in to Nagasaki and translated by a Japanese doctor, Genpaku Sugita (杉田玄白) and a Dutch scholar, Ryoutaku Maeno (前野良沢).

I've only visited a little of Nagasaki and Fukuoka. In Nagasaki,  there were tram cars running across the city, the houses built on the steeps had terracotta roofs, which I didn't feel like I was in Japan unless they spoke.

In Kyuushuu, there are many Christians after the long battle. Actually I had a classmate from Kagoshima in university who was baptized Catholic. For me it sounded peculiar a Japanese who was born to be Christian, but if you think about the history, it's understandable.

hakata raamenI like to go back to Nagasaki, I like to eat Tonkotsu Raamen (とんこつラーメン) at stalls in Hakata in Fukuoka. I lke to visit my friend's grave again in Oomuta in Fokuoka prefecture.

This adv, somehow gives me an energy. I don't know who they are and I don't think they are all actors. They simply must be happy for this Kyuushuu Shinkansen. "One Kyuushuu"




There is a back story of this adv. When they finished making it, it was a film of more than two hours. Of course, they must've wanted to show all Kyuushuu and it's big. Then they cut here, cut there and reduced to 3 to 4 minutes. Still long for one adv though. So another selection was done and finally they made one minute adv.

However, they couldn't get rid of the rest. There are many versions available in Youtube. This is a 3 minutes version, Shinkansen starts from Kagoshima then going up to Fukuoka. It shows small villages, little towns, bigger cities, industories, farm and tall buildings.

I like to see the active volcano, Sakurajima in Kagoshima. I heard in Kumamoto, roof tile shokunin earn a lot as typhoons pass by Kumamoto so often. There are many spots related to Japanese old mythology in Miyazaki.

I don't know much about Kyuushuu.

Let's go to Kyuushuu.



Happy Easter and Feliz Semana Santa.



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