Other business exploiting the St. Valentine´s Day in Japan

February 17, 2015 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

On the day of St. Valentine, I was having a coffee and a waffel at a café with a Japanese artist. Unlike Japan, there wasn´t so much of St. Valentine in Germany. The café was full but most of them were groups of friends. The Japanese artist, Takeuchi san looked around the café and said, "How nice not to have so much Valentine atmosphere." She used to work at a chocolate shop on the St. Valentine´s Day. She would work all day long and nearly missed the last train. People often came to her and asked for an advice which chocolate they should buy. Some were even desperate to get the perfect chocolate and she had to listen to them quite a while to help them. "It was just crazy and St. Valentine is a total marketing of the chocolate industry", she said. 


Is chocolate industry is the only winner on the St. Valentine? It used to be but it doesn´t look like anymore. I´ve found many photos of other products, which were exploiting the St. Valentine´´s Day. There is nothing to do with Valentine but then why it has to be chocolate? 


Chocolate tsukemen (つけ麺/ noodles with dip source). The dark noodles are made of chocolate.

choco dip noodle


And the source is a mixture of chocolate and miso paste. This could be good.

choco miso   


Kitsune Udon (きつねうどん) with a hart shaped Age (揚げ) topping.

love kitsune


Sushi comes with 5-yen mini chocolate. Does it really necessary? 



Hart shaped Uni (雲丹/ Sea urchin). 

sea urchin


Hart shaped Buta-man (豚まん/ pork buns). 

pork man


Mentaiko (明太子/ spicy cod roe). Is it true that in Hakata, people give mentaiko instead of chocolate?



Pufferfish sashimi decorated in a hart shape. They could enjoy the thrill not only being with someone she likes but by eating fugu (pufferfish).   

tigar fugu


Hart Matsuzaka beef stake. 

matsuzaka cow


Chocolate croquettes. Looks quite heavy though…  



Negotoro (ねぎとろ).



Free anti-virus. "With the love security upgrading, upgrade your love at the same time!" …. 

anti virus


Give o-choco (お猪口) instead of choco (チョコ).  



Pants flower. Roll the underwear and make a flower. Underwear industry is also willing to get on this St. Valentine wave. 

pants flower

Source : http://blog.livedoor.jp/kinisoku/archives/4310706.html


Do you run any business? What your excuse to exploit the St. Valentine´s Day?



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