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March 26, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

In the situation like this, entire Japan is a little more quiet than usual. TV commercials are one of those. I've never been so annoyed by Japanese TV commercials as much as I did in other countries. I remember in Australia, they put adverts in every 15 minutes and most of them come with jingle sounds which stuck to your ear whole day….

Comparing to that, Japanese adverts are harmless. Only curious thing might be that you see many Hollywood stars and gaijin there. But I assume tin hat way, even a normal tin cat food can be seen as paté on the little crackers served in a posh party.

Anyway, Japan is still in mourning. Normal colourful TV commercials have disappeared and switched to the ones called AC (Advertising Council) instead. Most of them are plain and sometimes showing some morality. They are not so interesting but not that bad. However, since showing frequency is so high that now people are getting tired of it. 

But look. This isn't so bad. This is about greeting in Japanese. Do you know how to greet in Japanese? If you are beginner Japanese learner, maybe you can sing together. Po Po Po Pon!!



Thank you : Arigatou

When a rabbit says it : Arigatousagi







Goodbye: sayounara

When a lion says it : sayonaraion




Let's Po Po Po Pon!



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