Japanese Guy´s Robot Dance is wooed by America´s Got Talent

June 25, 2013 Juju Kurihara Entertainment, Professionals Tags: 0 Comments

Who said Japanese can´t dance? A Japanese guy who showed a running man step at the TV show, America´s Got Talent gave a big surprise to Americans. Did he not say he only knew one step? Didn´t he give us an impression that he might not know how to dance by telling us he´d do "dance-ish performance"?

He is Ken-ichi Ebina (蝦名健一), so called Ebiken. He started freestyle Hip-Hop during his study in the States. He became the champion of the year at the Amateur Night in the Apollo Theatre in NY in 2001. 

He´s actually a very popular guy, he performs and gives workshops all over the world. Ebiken is Sugoi!

America´s Got Talent  


TEDxSeeds 2011


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