Single stroke artwork by Kazuhiko Okushita

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A little while ago, iromegane talked about an artist who draws dragon with one brush. And now, there is another guy who draws with only single stroke and even makes an animation of it. His name is Kazuhiko Okushita (奥下和彦). The dragon artist has a traditional style using a calligraphy brush while Okushita uses a normal marker. 

kazuhiko okushitaKazuhiko Okushita is an art director and video artist, born in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture in 1985. Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art and Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music Graduate school animation image research section.

His work, Akai Ito (赤い糸/Red Thread) made in 2009 won many competitions and he became known when he made the opening image of an evening TV show, Hodo Station (報道ステーション). 


He says he drew illustrations to earn money to go out with the girlfriend whom he really loved at that time, Then after many years, they broke up. This Red Thread was made for Okushita to recover from the broken heart. The animation shows the encounter and the separation of people.


Red Thread from Kazuhiko Okushita on Vimeo.


Bill Gates and James Cameron loved his work so much that requested to show his Okushit´s work in TED in 2010. His single stroke artworks don´t just finish as a drawing but go farther. He gives it a life as an animation. Look at this jellyfish. It´s a simple movement but I just can´t stop watching it as if I´m in an aquarium. 

Kazuhiko Okushita

"A pet jellyfish in your twitter timeline" 



Kazuhiko Okushita

"Summer is over; goodbye fan"


He is active in live performances. This is "Momotarou (桃太郎/A Peach Boy)", one of the most popular children´s stories originated in Okayama prefecture where he made a live performance. 



For Japanese learners, here is the perfect way to learn Hiragana. 


A (あ)



I (い)



U (う)



More complex drawing.



hitofude 2


This is from a medical company´s site. Very cute.


If you like to see more artworks of Kazuhiko Okushima, his website is HERE.


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