Report From Tokyo 4-Danger of Drinking Water

March 30, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments


(This is the 4th report from a Tokyo resident)

It was quite predictable that we would have a problem with the water. Even that, it was just a bad timing.


The situation was calming down after the quake on the 11th of March and the government, AC, the media and the individual level, we were all together trying to stop people buying up foods and toilet rolls. The distribution was also recovering. We were just about to have a fresh start.

water purifying plant

Then… it began to rain in the metropolitan area for three days. The rain absorbed high level of radioactivity in the air and fell over the water purification plants.


Before that, there was a restriction over the shipment of some products produced in Fukushima and Ibaraki prefectures, yet most of the people in Tokyo must've thought it was a someone else's problem.


As to the radiation, the government until then had been saying that there would be no “immediate” effect to human body (what a irresponsible comment). Then suddenly they changed their opinion and told us not to give the tap water to babies and infants. It did arise the panic especially among Japanese young mothers.

At last, Tokyo had realised how serious the problem was.


In general, women are more careful about what they eat and drink than men. If it's for their children, they will be even more cautious and this triggered them to buy up all the bottles of water.

water for kids

The worst thing was this panic didn't stay only in Tokyo but extended to Kansai area and then to Kyushu area.


As a result, now in Japan we are short of water.



It's normal for mothers to protect their own children more than the moral under the circumstances like this.



mothers buying water

One early morning, I heard a noise coming from the supermarket behind my house. When I peeked through the window, there was a crowd of people who came for water, majority were young women with their family members to get a bottle more.


I was watching them from my window of the second floor. A family came out from the supermarket and opened the boot to put the stuff . They must've been various shops already, I saw the boot full of bottles of water and nappies.

water stock

Japan was known as a country where the water was clean and free but not anymore. Now this is one of the country where has the “dirtiest” water in the world. How ironic!


In this connection, CCJ (Coca Cola Japan) has already arranged to import the water from South Korea.


On the contrary, I was in Shibuya in Tokyo for my project and saw groups of high school girls walking down the street without masks, and what's more, gulping a cup of juice from some famous fast-food shop which is made tons of tap water… I was just stunned by such ignorance.


By the way, I'm an alcohol lover and had quite amount of chaser and water stock. So until now, I haven't needed to rush to the supermarket for a bottle. Well, it doesn't mean I can use water as much as I need, and it seems like I need to cook rice with some tonic water tonight, hahaha.

But there is no other choice. I'm really tired of eating packed preserved food. I want some warm rice.


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