Royal fans in the UK and Japan

April 29, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

Gmmmm… moaned my mother.

"Look, the wedding is in every channel all evening."

Yes, it was a Royal wedding in the UK today and as far as I know it was a huge festival there. Some of my friends were excited about going to near the Buckingham Palace to see the ceremony.


In Japan, there are many William fans too and people were quite excited about this event.

It took them 10 years since they met at uni and the reason why is, according to the media, the Prince William didn't want to repeat the tragedy of his mother, Diana who had a hard time for not being able to adopt or being adopted by the Royal family etc…




Many are convinced that Kate, oh now Catherine will be much bigger than Diana. Some newspaper titled as "middle class girl becomes princess" and moreover, that's because of Diana educated the princes as normal boys.


Actually today, it coincides with Midori no Hi (Green Day) in Japan which was the birthday of Showa Emperor, Hirohito if I'm right.

Oh, then I've just realised the name has been changed to Showa no Hi (the day of Showa). I didn't know it had been changed.



Anyway so in both countries the 29th of April was the Royal day. And both countries love their Royal family.

hide park


This is Hyde Park today. People went crazy and it was said that about 5,000 street parties were planned across the UK.

People looked so happy as if it was their family wedding.

I was more worried about William's thin hair though…



japanese prince


Basically, I'm not particularly a big Royal family fan although I watched the wedding parade of Japanese prince and Masako. I thought it was OK to watch as a historical reference but it went on all day.





masako fashion


There are Royal family fans and talk about Masako's fashion. They even talked about the size of her heels to guess if she was pregnant or not.

Before she got married, she was working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and actually she was more fashionable. I don't know why people are so interested about her fashion now. 


It seemed to me that all Japanese had turned into Masako's mother-in-law. They said bad about her when they didn't have a baby. And even after she had a baby, as it was a girl, again people complained. I can't really figure out if people really like Royal family. The way of criticising Masako is exactly the way that a Mother-in-law criticises the eldest son's wife. It's quite interesting.


japanese wedding


Just like today's parade in London, the wedding of the prince and Masako in 1993, there were so many people on the street waving the Japanese flag.



Yes, Japanese people love the Royal family. Every new year, all the family member shows up and greets from the balcony of the palace.

new yearAlways many Royal family fans go to the Palace to see them. They wave the flag and some even cry.


I don't know, I don't really get it. When I see all these Japanese flag up in the air, I have a sense of worship rather than just being fans.

On the contrary, I saw the people came to see the Prince William and Kate kiss as participants of the huge party. This maybe just me but you tell me. Still I don't really care about all those gossips about the British Royal family but even though something tells me it's OK to join that party.


So here is the wedding parade of Japanese prince and Masako in 1993.


And this is the wedding ceremony of the Prince William and Kate Middleton today.

Congratulation you two.



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