Samurai Full Dress for the Battle

April 9, 2011 Juju Kurihara 2 Comments

full dressThis is the full dress for the battle in the war period in Japan. Only the armour weighs 22-26kg, then they carried swords, arrows and a bow. With the full gear, it must've weighed nearly 40kg. I have no idea how they managed to ride on the horse and fought considering that Japanese people in that era were around 145cm of the height. Some had a beautiful decoration which weighed them even more.





This is Kabuto (兜 / helmet).


And this is the kabuto worn by a famous shogun, Shingen Takeda.shingen kabuto Kabuto is decorated with white yak fur.









This is Kacchuu (甲冑 / amour).

Only wearing this weighs you enough not to scratch your head easily.


kacchuu torso




This is just a torso part. It fits your body tightly.









This is a Kenshin Uesugi's yoroi (鎧 / armour). Very sporty design, I think.



kenshin back



This is at the back.



haori 2



At the end put this jin-baori (陣羽織 / coat)




  1. Ryoma 7 years Reply

    I found a interesting stuff; an extremely exquisite miniature of Shingen’s armor as Japanese SAKE bottle hold.

    Do you like this?

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