Save Fukushima-Arriving High-Tech Robots

April 4, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

After three weeks since the huge earthquake attacked Japan, the Japanese government now asks for the help to all robots in the world.

In the website of AUVSI (the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) in the US, appeared a notification saying "Japanese government seeks robots and unmanned aircrafts in the world". 

QuinetiQ has already sent to TEPCO a roader and now send two other robots, Talon and Dragon Runner.



Talon is the one of the first robots in the US military and used for searching bombs and disposing them. This was introduced to the war scene in Afghanistan and to NY after the 9/11. Talon sent to Japan has the radioactivity monitor and an infrared camera.



dragon runner



Dragon Runner is a small robots developed for the US Matine, to reconnoiter insde the building and to search underneath of vehicles. 

In Fukushima Daiichi, it is thought that this can be used for checking all the small damages inside the rectors.


dragon runner 2


At the moment, Japan is seeking three types of robots, to curry heavy things and people, small robots for revising the rectors and unmanned aircrafts and vehicles to carry supply to contaminated area.


monitoring robotsIn my last articule about robots, I said it was a shame that there was no Japanese robots came to save their own country and that robots kingdom Japan completely failed. Now, finally Japanese robots do rescue us. These are disaster monitoring robots which Nuclear Safety Technology Centre  developed in 2000. However they have never operated in the real disaster scene. 


Hmm, first it took so long to decide not to sacrifice human life by using robots, and the second, Japan makes pretty faced robots but not practical. Here, I still see the problem though.

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