Scheduled Blackouts and Things We Can Do

March 14, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

planned blackouts

After the earthquake on the 11th of March, they are having scheduled blackouts to save power.

In Japan, the power source is divided in two; western Japan and eastern Japan. Curiously enough, they have different power level. In western part they use 50Hz and in eastern part, 60Hz. Although they have transformer to be able to help each part, even so, to cover entire eastern part is almost impossible. In the western Japan, they have reoperated some of the thermal power stations to send excess power to eastern part but still about 10 million kw of energy is short.

planned blackout in yamanashi


In the eastern Japan, they are separated in five groups and they have a blackout by taking turn. However this grouping is not so clear and there is a confusion. All day, Tokyo Electric Power was on the TV interview and being blamed of giving unclear announcement.

Way from Tohoku, here in Yamanashi prefecture, they have a turn of sheduled blackout. During the night of the 11th of March, People were lighting up the candles and cooking on the portable stove. A woman says "comparing to what is happening to the north, this is the minimum thing we can do to save some power. It's only a few hours of a day." Exactly.

blackout plan

This is the planning for blackout. Many countries are impressed by this. If you remember big blackout in NY, it's hard to control brown-out and Japan is one of few countries which is capable to manage it. But of course the information is confusing and people are irritated.

tokyo chaos

In Tokyo, the trains were running but less than normal schedule. Stations were full of people who were trying to get to work and became chaotic.



Until today, there have been 194 aftershock are recorded.

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