Seijin no Hi. Congratulations for coming of age!

January 13, 2015 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

成人の日(Seijin no Hi) is the second Monday of January but may regions in Japan celebrate on the day before so that people can come back to their hometown to celebrate their coming of age day. However Tokyo still seems to celebrate as the calendar.

seijinshikiIt was a very fine day and yet it was super cold in the morning. I went to Asakusa to take photos of new seijin.  


Before entering the shrine, you need to clean your hands and the mouth with the water. The water is just to rinse the mouth and you should spit it out. However most of the visitors don´t know this rule and the most of them only wash the hands. 

This girl knew it correctly. 



A few days ago an article was published regarding to Seijin no Hi, saying that young Japanese adults may be going nowhere. If this is true, it looks a little too pessimistic for Japan. I rather hope that Japanese young people take this as a warning and face to the problems. Or am I too optimistic or is it just a wish for thinking?

Anyway, congratulations to all 20-year-old Japanese. Wish you all fun adulthood!

Photo by Dr.Kusakabe.



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