Shiba inu Mari, the best dog actress

January 28, 2015 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a video of a shiba inu trying to stop the owner´s alcoholism. Actually, the man had a bad day and he is in the bar to try to forget it by getting drunk. But the owner of the bar "Mama", (Shiba inu, Mari) tries to stop him from yakezake (やけ酒/ drink desperately).  


The contrast between this super hyper owner and the cool face Mari, the Shiba inu caught me… actually a good few hours.

brushingThis comedian couple is Mari & Shota.   According to the profile in their blog, "Shiba inu, Mari´s sentiment (柴犬マリのきもち)", she is an aspiring actress. Shunta (しゅんた) is her comedy partner. 

Mari is a 7-year-old shiba inu. I think training a dog to act would be difficult but according to Shunta san, " Always praise her with a new word and treat her like a real actress. Also I watch Mari´s video in front of her and show her myself really happy to see it. Mari seems to understand human words and most of the time she acts when I explain the plot. When she doesn´t do it, it´s on purpose!"

I´m sure Mari is a clever dog but if there was no trust between Shouta and Mari, this acting wouldn´t be possible. I love the attitude of Mari as if she is doing a favour. It makes me laugh. 


This is from her blog. She was asked to name a new baby (hope it wasn´t a human baby though), a spicy name. After some considerations, Mari decided one, "バルサみこ (Balsamico)" and they all liked this name. Did Mari write these calligraphy? Who knows?  



Oh, Mari was very happy that they liked the name and has already decided the second baby´s name as "Garamumasami (ガラムまさみ/Gram Masala + masami). 

garam masami






Their comedy was so popular that they released a DVD, "Shiba inu Mari no Shiba shibai (柴犬マリのしばしばい)" in 2014. 

In YouTube, their videos were played more than 10 million times! That is something. 










I like the concept of Mari is always the main actor. As long as she is having fun, I love watching them. 




Here are some more videos. 





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