Shokunin-Japanese Professionals- Shoeshine

February 14, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

Japan is well-known as high-tech country but there used to be many raftmen existed in Japan. Many have disappeared but still some remain. Craftman is called shokunin (職人) in Japanese.


Like any other craftmen, Japanese shokunin are also quite maniac to their jobs. If you remember the sword shokunin in Kill Bill, you may get some idea.


But now you have to realise that not only those who make excellent art crafts are shokunin but also those who work in the high street of your neighbourhood where you shop daily are shokunin. The point is, when they are professional shokunin and hit the certain level, their movement becomes so elegant that you can just stare their hand.


This is a good example.

A professional shoe shiner can be so stylish. He is a professional shoe shiner (靴磨き職人─ kutsu migaki shokunin) who now even teaches at an university. What is so special?



More professionals


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