Shouyu Soda

April 14, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

Today, I found this new Japanese soft drink, Shouyu Saidaa (soy source soda).

shodoshimaIn the west of Japan, in between Honshu (the biggest island) and Shikoku (the smallest of four main islands of Japan), there is a little island called Shodo Shima (小豆島). This island apparently produces good soy source (shouyu/ 醤油or正油) and now one of shouyu company has made soda with soy source.





Shouyu soda looks like Coke or Pepsi, quite bubbly.

According to the people who have tried, all of them said it has a caramel taste. Is it tasty? 

Hmm, some say "taste like failed Coke" and some directly say "bad".





Surprisingly, there is a National Soy Source Summit in Japan. I've never heard of it by the way.

This shouyu soda was made as a remembrance of the summit in Shoudo Shima.




vending machine



Of course in Shodo Shima, you can buy it from the vending machine. It's 200 yen, a little more expensive than usual drinks.






Then I've heard a shouyu company in Chiba has also made shouy soda. 

This contains only 0.05% of soy source and tastes like ginger. This one doesn't seem to have much success like the one from Shoudo Shima. Yes to the original, I guess.






Now both of the products put the warning.

"Please don't drink actual shouyu like shouyu soda"

When I was little, I heard that if you drink a litre of soy source, you can die.

Actually during the war period, some young boys who didn't want to join the army had drunk shouyu to make himself sick, and it worked. Maybe it was a good thing, otherwise they would be picked as Kamikaze.


olive soda

Shodo Shima is famous for olives. I didn't know they produce olives in Japan. Shikoku must be Mediterranean in Japan.

The shouyu company in Shodo Shima also makes Olive soda.  It looks pretty and freshy. But olive drink… sounds greasy.

Well, it is freshy and tasts like green apple soda. I like to try one.


Once I've started investigation, there are many strange taste soda in many places in Japan. They are selling those as local product.


sizuoka tea cola


For example this is a green tea cola from Sizuoka prefecture where produces most of green tea in Japan.

This one, I've already known it.

Almost all the people who have tried say this is good, although it doesn't taste tea but energy drink taste.

Interesting. Is it like Gatorade? If it tastes like that, I wouldn't like it though….



wasabi ramune

From the same Sizuoka, there is Wasabi Soda exists.

Wasabi is that green paste comes with Shushi that pinches your nose. Do you remember?

People tend to buy this expecting that pinch. However this can turn you down.

First, it doesn't contain real wasabi as an ingredients nor spicy at all. On top of that, it tastes bad…

This seems to be a big disappointment.





The next candidate is from Nagasaki.

Nagasaki is famous for a sponge cake called, Kasutera. Hmmm, I love it. It's so soft, perfectly moisted and its modest sweetness. Hmmm.

Now Nagasaki produces Kasutera soda.

The colour is just like Kasutera, and the taste?

The taster was a little scared. First step, the smell. She said it's sweet. The texture, she said it was well bubbled. Then the taste… she said it was very freshy but she thinks it was because of strong bubbles.


curry soda

And the last for now, it's curry soda!

On the bottle, it says "Even Indians get surprised!"

This has become a big boom among some curious people in Japan. It was a must.

The taste… it's sweet at first then spicy. The after taste is exactly like after eating curry, means you burp curry…

If it's tasty? The answer is no but still people want to try for once and many people do try this. Why not you?


I'm now quite curious about this weird Japanese soft drinks. Some you can only buy in the local area. This maybe a good excuse to travel around Japan too.

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