Socks for Sendai

November 29, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

sendaiThere is a group in Facebook, collecting socks as much as possible for the people in Sendai (仙台) as the winter is just around the corner. 



Sendai is one of the area where hugely damaged by the tsunami attack in March this year and can get quite cold in winter, it snows and the streets gets frozen. The graph below is the average temperature (red line) in Sendai city during a year but some days in January and February, it goes down easily to -2 Cº to -3 Cº.


sendai temp


Day by day, we hear less about Touhoku (東北) in the news if you are outside of Japan, but there is a huge shortage of supply in the devastating area. Some people are lucky enough to have a temporary housing but it´s not enough for everyone.


socks 2

A man (I think it´s a man…) called Hira Digpal started a new project in Facebook I WANT TO COLLECT NEW " SOCKS 4 SENDAI ". People in Sendai are not expecting you to send Calvin Klein socks nor LACOSTE socks, but they only need some warm material that wraps their feet.

Hira only asks you two things when you send them. First, you need to buy different sizes and the second, "pls put a small note in with the socks about you and any message that you wish to write".

That´s all.




Those who are interested in this project and want to send socks, the postal address is this,

Hira Digpal

902 Granzio, Yamamoto Street, 2-6-2 Chou-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo,  650-0003, Japan

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