St. Valentin´s Day is a big deal in Japan

February 22, 2012 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

The 14th of February was St. Valentine´s Day. As I explained last year in iromegane, St. Valentine´s Day is a quite big deal for the girls, the boys and the mothers who have sons. I still see in several blogs some women are saying how disappointing her husband came back with only one or two chocolate or her son was happy because a girl classmate gave him a little box of chocolate etc…

As a school kid, every year before the St. Valentine´s Day, I´d go chocolate shopping with my mum. Kids are cruel as we all know, I´d choose several boys I liked in the class and put them in the order. Obviously for the one I like the most, I´d buy the biggest and well-presented one, then as the number goes lower, I´d buy small and cheap chocolate. How harsh.


Giri choco (義理チョコ) is a choco that the girls give to men in a sense of appreciation and often given to the boss (if she doesn´t have any "special" meanings), colleagues or classmates. Usually it´s quite obvious to find out if it´s the real "love" chocolate or Giri by the size. Giri is very small and nothing so special about the wrapping or packaging. Not as bad as this photo, though. Hope not many girls give you guys one or two balls of M&M´s. And I do hope that many men won´t appreciate for it.

St.Valentine´s Day seems to be a quite stressing day for both women and men.

Many men are expected to take his girlfriend to some fancy restaurant or bars, and those places are so popular that the guys have to reserve in advance. Oh, yes, now I remember I was once taken to one of those for a dinner. Now I think it´s silly and I´d be so happy to go to Monja (もんじゃ焼き) in Tsukishima.


Iromegane hears you guys who didn´t get any chocolate this year. It´s just a chocolate but it´s a St.Valentine´s Day chocolate, I know.  

Here I put a song of a man who didn´t get a chocolate. I don´t know it´s enough to calm your humiliation and sadness, but hey, the X day´s ended and we are safe for another 1 year.


"Sine barentain dey (死ね!バレンタインデー/ Go to Hell! St.Valentine´s Day) by Fujioka Fujimaki (藤岡藤巻)






















Sonnani ureshiika

Sonnani ureshiinoka

Sonnani hoshikattanoka

Chokoreeto nankaga

Kirei na hako dayona

Ribon ga kawaii yona

Sonnani jiman shitainoka

Chokoreeto nankawo




Hanaji wo dashite shine


Sonnani oishiika

Sonnani oishiinoka

Ureshisouni kuiyagatte

Takaga chokoreeto wo




Ari ni takararete shine

Are you happy?

Are you really happy?

You wanted it so desparately

just a chocolate?

Yeah, it´s a beautiful box.

Yeah, it´s a pretty ribbon.

Do you really want to show off

a piece of chocolate?


You should die,

you should die,

you should die of nose bleed.


Is it tasty?

Is it that tasty?

How happy you look when you eat,

it´s just a chocolate,


You should die,

you should die,

you should die of getting attacked by ants.


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