Super Robots vs Human – Catastrophe in Japan

March 24, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

Itś been two week since this nightmare stated in Japan. Each day less news about Japan on TV in overseas as they've found a new target… Libya, or perhaps it because Elizabeth Taylor passed away. However the problem and the rescue continues in Japan.

A few days ago, it was announced that the water in Tokyo is contaminated and we shouldn't let children to drink the tab water. People rushed to the shops and now all the bottle water has disappeared from Tokyo even from the vending machines. 

Japanese people who didn't shout a word seem to be a little more panicked because it's something to threat their children. Then people wonder "what are they really doing to save us?"


firemen 1Yes, they are working. Tokyo Fire Service is directing the water spraying operation in Fukushima Daiichi. 

This is a mission operated on the 18th and the 19th of March and the video was released by Tokyou Fire Service to Japanese media.

First firemen are at the entrance of the building and having a meeting.

firemen 2Then in the next scene where firemen are stretching the water hosepipe, you can hear them saying

"Now, 70 sievert!"

"Shall we go back?"

"Yes, to where the sievert level reaches the highest!"

And meantime, the radiation monitor they carry is ringing.

The workers in TEPCO also working hard, for two weeks since the earthquake happened, they've been sleeping 1-2 hours a day on the chair. Their families haven't seen their husbands or fathers since then.

tepco workersA wife of one worker of TEPCO had a phone call for the first time since the 16th of March. According to him, the working condition is severe and tense. Only food they are provided is energy bars… They are working there knowing how risky the work is. They are real human heroes.


Yesterday, on the 24th, two TEPCO workers are taken to the hospital because of the exposure to radiation.

exposed to the radiationThen suddenly someone asked me. "Where are all robots in Japan?"

Of course, Japan is known as robots kingdom, full of robots in this island. Then, where are they? In this two weeks, I haven't heard or seen any news about robots rescuing people. I hadn't realised until a foreign friend mentioned it to me. Curious.

We haveca5w78ne this ROBO Q for instance. This is an invention of Tokyo Fire Service for handling dangerous objects and rescue people in devastated area.

It can be operated from 50m of distance with the remote control and 100m with the optical fiber. ROBO Q has robot arms with the camera and the sensor for the gas and the temperature. It also has a radiation monitor on the gripper. Sounds perfect to work in Fukushima Daiichi to check the level of the radioactivity.

monitoring robotThis is another searching robots for disastered areas. This could go to Tohoku region and help searching missing people under the crushed houses.


human robot


And this human robot "Ma kum" is especially made for working in dangerouns conditions and rescuing people. Even heavy rain can't stop this 160cm tall robot to save people. Ma kun has a quite sensitive fingers and can even screw bolts.

Can he not work in the rector instead of sacrificing humans?


yasukawa kun

At the end, this is Yasukawa kun. He is an industrial robot who can manage welding and assemblage work. However because of its sympathetic face and its dexterity, he's expanding the work field.

Now I think that if any of these robots can substitute some work for humans. Just to avoid putting human fighters in the risk. Instead of sending someone into the rector to measure the level of radiation, a robot hero can do the same job. Don't you think?

Or Japanese people are so pround that they cannot rely on robots? I prefer to save people's life even I miself am a fan of ASIMO. Is it meaningless to wait for Atom (Astro Boy) to come to rescue us? It's just curious that robots kingdom Japan is trying to save themselves without robots….


This is a video of  Yasukawa kun. Look his smooth hand movement!

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