Survivors From the Earthquake After 9 Days

March 21, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

Everyday we've seeing terrible images from Japan in the TV and they are painful. In Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture where it had the most severe damage from Tsunami, although the rescue teams are searching the area, it's more for looking for dead bodies than survivors.

It's said that after 72 hours, there is only little chance that people would survive. But on the 20th, after 217 hours later 80 year-old grandmother and her 16 year-old grandson were rescued safely from the wrecked house.


How they could survived for such a long time.

When the quake attacked Tohoku area, they were having lunch in the kitchen on the second floor. Then Tsunami attacked the house.


The water entered the kitcheand knocked the cupboard down. The two were stuck in a small space, they could only crawl. The good thing was they were in the kitchen with food, they had been eating things in the fridge such as yoghurt, candies, milk or coca cola, also they cheered up each other and never lost their hope to get rescued.

They also had been able to find dried blankets although the temperature in Sendai area where is 50km away from they were low at below zero. The boy seems to be frostbitten according to the hospital's announcement. I'm not surprised. 

mapThe boy was on holiday and was in his grandmother's house. The day after the quake his father who lives in Sendai received a phone call from the boy. Soon the father went to Ishinomaki to look for his son but there was no remain of the house. He then applied to the police for his 16 year-old son and his mother but until yesterday they couldn't be able to locate then and that's why it took so long.

It was almost miracle that the two were rescued in good condition. So why the rescue team couldn't find them?

In the map, the little pink rectangle is where the house was and it was washed away about several hundreds metres. Also the house was covered with debris and the voice for a help didn't reach outside.

On the 20th, the boy for the first time escaped the house through a hole in the kitchen and climbed up to the rooftop where a policeman found him. The police then searched inside the house as the boy mentioned about his grandmother.

Both of them are now in the hospital, although they are little weaken, they are in a good condition and reunited with the family.

Everyday more sad and terrible news are delivered from Japan to the world. But I want to repeat, most of Japanese people there, even under this circumstances, haven't given up. "Itsumo kokoro ni taiyou wo" (Have a sun in your heart) is the saying we say, means if you can smile in the worst situation, you can keep going, you won't get defeated. I saw another Japanese spirit today. 

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