The controversial song, “Mama” – The view of a boy who was abused –

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mei fumidukiA song has become controversial in Japan. This is a song called "Mama" by a Japanese singer songwriter, Mei Fumizuki (文月メイ). This song is written from the view of a boy who was abused by his mother. But people seemed to think this was too violent to play in public and have started a big discussion.

While there are views say, "I´m so touched and it makes me cry" or "Child abuse is no good", people who have been abused argue that "If you were abused, you couldn´t respect your parent" or "This is too glorified". 





This is the song, "Mama" by Mei Fumizuki. 


The lyrics.







You don´t want me? Are you going to throw me away with that rubbish bag? Are you suffering from living? You don´t have anyone to help you? I´m sorry, Mum. I don´t know anything. I can´t do anything. But you are the only Mum I have. I will be good. 


Why, Mum? Why, Mum? Has the God decided? That I cannot live? I have become an angel. I will protect you always. Because you are so weak that you can´t live alone. I´m sorry, Mum. I could´ve helped you if I were big. But you are the only Mum I have. Even though I won´t see you again.


Why, Mum? Why, Mum? Has the God decided? That I cannot live? I´m sorry, Mum. I can´t be with you. I won´t have tomorrow anymore. But you are the only Mum I have. I will never hate you. 


Why, Mum? Why, Mum? Has the God decided? That I cannot live? Why, Mum? Why, Mum? I will leave you one of my wings. 





The cases of child abuse have increased in 2014, more than 300 cases during the first half of the year. This sounds a worrisome situation but this is actually a good sign that people are more aware of child abuse. 

In Japan, it´s hard to distinguish the difference between discipline and abuse. Also it´s hard to stick your nose to your neighbour´s life even though you want to help them. But now, Japanese people are more encouraged to report child abuse of their neighbours and the police also respond to it in the early stage. 


Despite of the controversial issue, Mei Fumizuki has made a comment to the people who reacted to the song in both a good way and a bad way.

"I want to share with you my feeling toward this song. 

We hear more news about child abuse nowadays. Killing your own child is an abnormal behaviour. What triggers them in the moment of a human becomes non-human could be "the lack of love". I have made "Mama" because I wanted to deliver the "unconditional love" from the children to the parents to as many people as possible, those who are losing their soul. 


Is it too harsh or too beautiful? I leave this song with you.

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  1. Keoko Ngueyn 8 years Reply

    What a nice song! I loved the simple cute drawings and you have such a nice voice! It made me almost cry… Thank u

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