The day of moustache in Japan, the 8th of August

August 8, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

Today is the 8th of August. What day is today in Japan? Can you guess?

It´s Hige no Hi (ひげの日), a moustache day in Japan.


8th agu

In Japanese 8th of August can be written like this. There are four letters from the top to the bottom, in case you are not familiar reading Japanese traditional writing.

You can see two moustaches in the first and the third letters, right?

hige man

This is 8 in kanji character, it´s same in Chinese. As this character looks like moustache, some Japanese company decided the 8th of August as the day of moustache in 1978.

See? You can easily write Japanese character like this drawing, and probably you won´t forget how to read 8 in Japanese.




By the way, there is a Japanese comedian duo called "Hige Danshaku (髭男爵/Moustache Baron) and one of them, Louis Yamada 53rd does have moustache. He was the face of today as he had decided to married especially on this day, regarding to his hige.

I think it´s sort of sweet.


Happy Hige day for all hige faced men!





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