The night of Bishoku – The Gourmet Night

July 14, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

“Toufu restaurant, Ukai (とうふ屋うかい)”

is located right next to the symbol of Tokyo, Tokyo Tower and is a restaurant which wraps you with full of “WA (和/Japanese)” atmosphere especially with the traditional Japanese garden.


Actually I´ve tried to have a reservation four times in the past but it was always full and so difficult. Now finally, I could step into this restaurant, how much I was longing to have this day.

This time, somehow I had no trouble with booking which was quite surprising after all that effort. This place is well-known by foreign customers and maybe, it´s because there are less foreign tourist coming to Tokyo at the moment because of the problems we are having with the nuclear plants in Fukushima.


My big night, I went through the gate, down the cobbled steps and walking through a little passage to the garden where you can find a pond some carps swimming in it. I was just so excited.

gardenThere was an elegant atmosphere that made me relaxed.

In the garden, I stopped, turned around and looked up. There was the Tokyo Tower standing illuminated.

… What a beautiful scene, I could even write a haiku there. Oh, it´s nothing, I simply love Tokyo Tower…


I was in a waiting room, also beautiful, so beautiful that I thought I could dine there. Although, with the attack of mosquitos, I quickly changed my mind. I don´t know why but mosquitos love my blood.



The private room I was taken through was a Japanese/western mixed style room where there was a high table, instead of sitting on the floor.  And the window was facing to that beautiful garden.

Then finally… the food came.

……… Delicious.

It was impossible to describe this taste with my poor vocabulary so I just tell you “ delicious”.


All plates I tried were so good that it´s hard to rank them but I´ve chosen the best 3.tousui tofu

1. Tousui Tofu (豆水とうふ) : Specialty of Ukai. Tousui is the same as soy milk. This is the best, it´s so silky that almost melting in the mouth.



awabi2. Abalone and Hisui nasu (jade aubergine) : Inside of this rocky shell, there is a delicate abalone.






grated corn


3. Grated corn soup: Very smooth texture, it was a rediscovery of corn.




My dream has finally come true and the food was much more tasty than I imagined, it was a huge satisfaction.

To tell the truth, I was a bit sad that day because of an incident I had the day before. But the friend I had the dinner with cheered me up as always.

With her direct advice, my emotional damage didn´t take me over and at the same time I learnt a good lesson.

Having an excellent food in a wonderful restaurant with my favorite friend, I cannot ask for any more. It was an absolute "bishoku (美食) night", in other words, gourmet night. Bishoku, "bi" means beautiful in Japanese and "shoku" means food.

Not only the taste but also the presentation of the plates and the place, it was a lost garden in the middle of Tokyo.

carp pond

Ukai is a memorable and an excellent restaurant. I strongly recommend it to try just for once. And possibly with your special person.


Tofu restaurant, Ukai (Shiba, Tokyo)

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