The Sound of the Earthquake by Micah Frank

March 23, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

I was born in a country of earthquake. Since I was little I don't know how many earthquakes I've experienced, from the small scale ones to the big scale ones (scale 6).

I hate the quake happens when I'm sleep. I'm so defenseless and there's nothing I can do. If the book shelf falls? If the roof fall down over me? Only I can do is wrap myself with duvet and duck my head inside it untill the quake stops.

A strange thing is that although I'm dead sleep, I always know it's coming. But I can only know that just a few second before the quake and it doesn't give me enough time to prepare.  How?

Because I hear the sound, sound of rumbling of the earth. It also sounds like a tube running down the ground. It seems like quite many people hear the same so it's not because I'm a Princess Mononoke and can talk to the nature. 


Apparently this is the sound of seismic wave. Seismic waves has two body waves, P wave and S wave, and the P wave as it's similar to the sound, with the vibration of the air it can be heard as a sound.

You can hear the sound of the earthquake from this link. Just click the speaker inside the site.


seismographUsing the seismograph, you can create a sound too. From this link, you can hear the sound of the earthquake and it's quite curious although it's very different from I usually hear.


The creator is Micah Frank is a New York based music and sound programmer. Currently, Micah is involved in a series of sonification projects that utilize real-time data to synthesize sound content

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