Time to say Goodbye to Gogatsu-byo

June 2, 2014 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments


Finally May ended. Why finally? Because in Japan, many people can get depressed in May, which is called Gogatsu-byo (五月病), literally, May sickness. This may sound strange. There was a beautiful sakura season in April and the Golden Week has just finished. And yet, some how May makes you down. 

This often happen to newly started students and sarariiman but in theory it could happen to anyone. But why people become Gogatsu-byo



gogatsubyo 2In Japan, a new school year starts in April and also a financial year. The first month goes very quickly and intense for all fresh people but of course, not everything goes as they expect. Gogatsu-byo happens when someone can´t adopt the new environment or those who try too hard to adopt it. People who tend to become Gogatsu-byo are hard-worker, precise, perfectionist, work-lovers, responsible or worried about others.  


This is an actual illness and not laziness. Some doctor thinks this is autonomic imbalance because of the unstable climate in May. The typical symptoms are :

1. Hard to get up in the morning.

2. Can´t be bothered grooming yourself.

3. The food doesn´t taste good anymore.

4. Can´t get on the train.

5. Feel irritated  

6. Don´t want to talk to anyone  etc…

gogatsubyo 3


 I myself haven´t experienced Gogatsu-byo but if you feel you may have it, do sports, have a coffee with a friend or simply do some fun stuff. Many doctors and therapists recommend that you shouldn´t take things too serious. If you manage study or work about 70%, that´s more than enough. 

Perhaps this happens to any who are very responsible and always to try so hard to satisfy other people´s expectations. Since many countries in the Western society, the school starts in September, it´s possible that it happens in October. Does it ring a bell? 


But now we are in June and we are having the summer soon! (If you are in the Northern Hemisphere) So hopefully, you can leave your Gogatsu-byo behind and enjoy the day. 

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