Tokyo Report 2 – To Outside of Tokyo

March 22, 2011 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

This is the  continuation of Tokyo Report 1.

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Despite of the huge scar that Tsunami left to Japan on the 11th of March, people in the devastated area and other places in eastern Japan were trying to find out the exit of this disaster.


As if makig sure we had been damaged enough, Fukushima nuclear plant had an explosion.


Some of you may know but there are two nuclear plant facilities in Fukushima prefecture.

ustream radiation level


This nightmare began in three rectors of six in one of two plants, Fukushima Daiichi (daiichi means no.1) although the rest of three rectors neither are in the perfect condition.

I won't discuss much about the condition of the rectors, I had decided to evacuate from Tokyo voluntarily with this nuclear plant accident.

Correctly, the fear for not being informed properly made me decided this option.


According to the announcement from the government at first, only the rector 1 had problem among three. As it was under control, the evacuation had been advised to only the local residents who lived in 10km zone from the plant.


However soon later, the rector 1 had a hydrogen explosion and the radioactivity had spread into the air with the steam.


radiation levelThere are many arguments over this accident that

TEPCO couldn't have made a decision to retire the rectors as once they pour the sea water, the rector cannot be used anymore,

or TEPCO had rejected the offer from the US of the cooler supply,

or the connection between the government officials and the civilian was weak etc..

I have no idea what was the real reason but only I know is that the accident in the nuclear power plants is caused by humans in the end.


The Japanese government later extended the evacuation zone to 20km and also little by little widen the zone where the people should standby inside the house.


I think the right way to do was

1. They should have settled bigger area as dangerous zone to make doubly sure.

2. Evacuate all the residents

3. Start recovery work

4. After the work is done, finally release the evacuation alert.


Did they want to demonstrate that everything was under control and no danger? Or did they want to avoid the panic? Who knows. At the end the government took a strategy completely opposite, which was

1. They have announced much smaller area as a dangerous zone,

2. failed recovery operation,

3. extended the dangerous zone

4. another failure in the recovery operation,

5. another extension of dangerous zone


After seeing two failures in their strategy and founding out that the third rector was about to explode, I made up my mind to leave Tokyo.

I was scared of not only the radiation but also being left behind.

Even after, I have been hearing the TV saying “there is no problem in Tokyo” or “the radiation level is harmless” but I never believed it.


Inronald reagan hajimemashite fact, the radioactivity was blown by wind and detected in Onagawa city in Miyagi which is 100km up north from Fukushima Daiichi or even on the US carrier, Ronald Reagan which was on standby in 180km away from the coast to the east. 

200km of distance between Fukushima and Tokyo meant nothing to me anymore.

Among the information flood, I drew a conclusion.


Fortunately my office made us to stay at home until the situation get settled.

I sealed all the window with the tape and wrapped the duct of the air-condition and the ventilator with plastic then just left the house taking almost nothing with me.

On the 15th of March, at 18:10 hrs. escape from tokyo

At the time my Shinkansen left Yokohama station for Osaka, there was an another hydrogen explosion at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

On that day, Tokyo was covered with about 30 times higher level of radioactivity.

(Tokyo report from a Tokyo resident)

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