Tokyo Sanpo Michi – Unlucky Age

January 19, 2012 Juju Kurihara 0 Comments

Tokyo Sanpo Michi by Natsuko Nakabayashi


Japanese people are quite superstitious and believed that we all have "Yaku-doshi (厄年/ unlucky ages)" in our life, not once but at several ages. These is the list of the birth years of Yaku-doshi in this year.

Those who are in the red part have to be very careful what you do this year and also the people who are a year younger and older. During these three years, you are more likely to have problems or accidents more than normal years. If you are in this list, be cautious what you do in 2012. Just a little bit more.

In two years time, it´s my turn and it starts the next year, so I myself have to aware of that.





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