What Day is 11/22 in Japan?

November 22, 2011 Juju Kurihara 3 Comments

It´s the 22nd of November today. A little special day in Japan, but why?

In Japan the date and the month are written in other way round about most of the Western world and it´s written 11/22 instead of 22/11. Now number "1" is pronounced as "ichi" then "2" can be pronounced "futatsu" as well as "ni" which is more commonly used. So 11/22 can be read "ii fuufu".

What does "ii fuufu" means?

home negiIi fuufu (良い夫婦) in Japanese sound like good couple as in husband and wife. Many recreation places in Japan do special offer for the couples this day to encourage them to care each other and spend more time together.

Among them I´ve found this page of "Japan Devoted Husbands Association". For this day, they´ve planned a "Home Negi Operation". Home comes from homeru (褒める/ praise) and negi comes from negirau (労う/ express your thanks to someone).

But there is something strange about this page. This Association think that it´s wives who can soothe and maintain the relationship. If they know how to praise and thank to their husband, they can be a good couple. 

Here is the manual of how to treat the husband. First the wife can prepare the certificate says how great her husband is. Then show how to pour beer beautifully to make her husband happy.


Hmmm, are Japanese people still that macho? Ii fufu cannot be formed because both of them care about his/her partner? I´ve found it´s curious there is such association seriously exists and some wives may follow this despite of all the support in their daily life.

Oh, mind you, I´m not a feminist but I just think that some occasional sweet compliments don´t do any bad for women. Don´t you think?



Because nowadays, even Japanese radish couple can sit close warmly. So why not Japanese people?


Enjoy Ii fuufu no Hi !!





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  1. Colleen 9 years Reply

    Hello! I just moved to Fukushima from the United States to teach English, and today is my 40th birthday (11/22/13)! I found your lovely blog post about this day and its significance, and I loved it! Thank you for posting this… I didn’t know about this. How cool!

    • juju.kurihara 9 years

      Hi Colleen

      Thank you for your message. And what a coincidence! Enjoy your birthday! Happy Birthday!

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